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Team Resilience Webinar | Feb 16th

Looking forward to presenting "From Burnout to Built Up" for North Central Technical College's Workforce...
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Close-Up Radio Interview | Jan 17th

Join me on Jan. 17th to learn how to move your teams from "Burnout to...
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Forbes Coaches Council | Jan 4th

Happy to be part of Forbes Coaches Council conversation on skill development.
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Forbes Coaches Council | Jan 3rd

Happy to contribute to Forbes Coaches Council conversation about how executives can approach employee challenges
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CPS Consultant of the Month | Dec

Honored to be part of the CPS HR Consultant community.
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Forbes Article | Dec

Employee Burnout: How Leaders Can Tip the Scale
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Forbes Coaches Council | Nov 18th

Pleased to contribute tips and insights for improving remote teamwork as part of Forbes Coaches...
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Oct | Workshop Facilitator

Pleased to be presenting the virtual workshop "From Burned Out to Built Up" as part...
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ISPI Speaker | Oct

Pleased to be selected as an Oct. 20th speaker for the ISPI Hampton Roads chapter!...
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Aug | Talent Mgt Article

Check out my article "Building Change Leadership from the Ground Up" featured in Talent Management.