Forbes Feature | Four Ways Leaders Can Build Team Resilience

Holly Burkett, PhD, SPHR is an accomplished executive coach, speaker, author and principal at Evaluation Works. As the future rushes toward us at dizzying speeds, teams today need to be more resilient than ever before. Resilience helps teams adapt to constant change, pivot quickly, stay motivated and not just weather challenges or adversity, but grow…

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People Working

Mining Talent Data for Strategic HR Clout – HRCI Guest Blog

Check out my July guest blog In a hypercompetitive market for knowledge workers, CEOs are looking to HR for strategic, data-driven solutions around talent challenges.

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Group of Professionals

Priming the Leadership Pump With Frontline Managers

Bill is a store manager responsible for more than $80 million in annual revenue. Pam is an airline manager who oversees a yearly passenger volume worth more than $160 million. Carlos is a healthcare manager who fields upward of 7 million questions a year from patients. Bill, Pam, and Carlos represent frontline managers found in…

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Star Wars

Change Agent Lessons from Star Wars

Click Change Agent Lessons from Star Wars for the PDF.

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